Want to Boost Marketing ROI Big Time? Find this SME Skill Blend

Graphic of ROI. To boost marketing ROI is dependent on the right team.
Boost marketing ROI with the Right Team

In a recent article Neil Patel, arguably the gold-standard guru for SEO Marketing, talks about a skill combo that can ramp up your marketing ROI. To boost marketing ROI, you don't just need a good writer; you need one that really knows your niche. It would be best if you had a Subject Matter Expert (SME).  

As Neil says, "We live in a world of information overload." That means a writer that truly understands your business can make a huge difference.  It can make a difference in being found in that mass of information overload.

An experienced writer who understands your niche can better connect and engage with your viewers. They might be a blogger, or they might be a writer with deep experience in your niche. Their SEO content marketing skills can help your message get read by the people who need your product or service.  

They can also help you with strategies and content to get you found. How? With subject-specific content that is accurate and relatable.

Bonuses of an SME Content Marketer to Boost Marketing ROI

The bonuses of using an SME content marketer with SEO content skills include:

  1. Improve your expertise, authority, and trustworthiness. Build the Know, Like, Trust factors critical to sales.
  2. They help you earn audience trust, also boosting marketing ROI.
  3. Content is of higher quality. – Bad content destroys trust and credibility.
  4. They use the correct, accepted terms and jargon to best relate to your audience.
  5. They can streamline content creation.

I've seen this work for clients who seek me out because of my background and expertise, and clearly, it works for all niches. I may be a great SEO content marketer, but I'm not it if you need someone with engineering expertise. Wellness is my field, not engineering.  

How to find an SME Content Marketer

Here are some ways I've found to find the person that best matches your subject matter and content marketing needs.

Skills are a pivotal point to keep in mind. Good SMEs out there may have influence but aren't skilled content marketers. Are you looking for popularity or someone that will share their skills and expertise to move your marketing forward?

It's pretty easy to find SMEs, and there are a lot of writers out there. However, you want a unique person who is both for your niche. 

Consider starting your search through a professional association or professional channel like LinkedIn. LinkedIn offers the bonus of your seeing their profile and checking them out. You can also read their articles and the posts they publish.

Use your network.

A professional referral by someone who knows a potential candidate is another good option. If the referring person knows your business, they may be able to help match you with a great "fit."  

Focus on the marketer's skill sets and expertise—quality over their popularity. 

The content marketer is also concerned about working with businesses that are a good fit. They may be open to a starting project that will allow all parties to get acquainted and see how you work together before committing to anything long term.

The right fit can bring a new valued member to your team that boosts your marketing ROI. They help you expand your message, be better ranked by search engines, and convert more visitors to dedicated fans.

If you want to read the full article, you can find it here.

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