What My Clients Say

Judi’s got the copywriting skills to get to the heart of what your health and wellness biz needs to stand out. Her lengthy experience in the industry really shines. Also, we’ve been writer friends for a few years, so I can tell you that she's a delight to work with.

Lynn Marler
Copy and Content Writer

It was amazing to work with Judi...she knows her stuff!

She's always on time and came to the table with great suggestions and options.

We loved working with Judi...she helped us so much. She got our most popular products revised and back on the market.
Can't wait to work with her more!

Robert G.
COO The Dragontree Spa

Judi -- do you know how good you are?  You have changed my business and my life. I am excited about the enhanced opportunities and the future. It's great to work with you.  Thank you.

Lynn Van Norman
CEO LVN Medical Massage

Judith excels at writing science-based researched content. She is not threatened or intimidated to ask for help or input. She has excellent organizational skills and the ability to teach complicated subjects in a simplified way. Her core values are honesty and trust.

Susanne Warfield

Judith is a dedicated professional writer who is committed to her projects and always delivers on time, and top quality content at that. I worked with her as contributing editor on an esthetics textbook; she was a delight to work with and has excellent people skills.

Martine Edwards
Cengage Learning

Judith has the tenacity and the ability to carry through She has the ability to take a project and develop it. The ability to take an idea and add business sense to it. She is a team player with the ability to use discretion in judgment and communications.

Rev. Alice Knotts

Judith has been writing for the Stylist Newspapers since 1995. She is the most dependable and well-written expert in her field of esthetics, specifically the business of esthetics. Her articles are very well-read and she has never been late on a deadline for as long as I can remember. I highly recommend Judith for her skills in writing.

Lisa Kind
Owner/Editor, Stylist & Salon Newspaper Group

Judith is very knowledgeable about the esthetics world with the data or her personal experience to back it up…She does her research & obtains feedback.

Charlene Rodrigues
California Skin Care & former Colleague

Judith is well organized, attentive to concerns and a take action person.

Dr. Mark Lees
Mark Lees Skin Care

Judith is one of the most dynamic, knowledgeable, energetic people I've ever met. Well-versed in alternative healthcare, she's a delight to work with and a delight to talk to. I've never had a conversation with Judith in which I did not learn something new. She's a great copywriter and marketer, and you will be blessed to have her on your team.

Lisa Bjornstad  PsyD, LMFT, CADC

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Judith Culp Pearson receives three top honors
at the annual Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals in
Ft. Worth, Texas - October 7-9, 2023

Ambassador Award

For Your Continued
Service & Dedication

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In Recognition and Appreciation for Contributions to the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals Member Education October 2023

Speaker Award of Excellence
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