Want to Grow Your Emails Open and Click Rates?

Do you need emails that get more opens and clicks?

There are lots of benchmarks out there for what kind of open rates you need to be a successful marketer.  But opens are only the beginning.

The key to the Money is the prospect taking action and clicking on the enclosed Call to Action link.  Without those clicks - you don't make any money.

If you are getting by with national averages, you are leaving money on the table.  Here are some analytics from clients I work with:

Mail Chimp account:

This client offers training to professionals in the healthcare and medical segment. National healthcare education and training averages 21% opens and 2.48% clicks.

Client email opens and clicks for education classes in healthcare
Client email open and clicks
Analytics showing client newsletter opens and clicks
Newsletter Analytics

Constant Contact Account:

I’ve been mailing for this firm for three years.

The market segment of Beauty and Personal care has average stats of 17% opens and 1.76% clicks.  These emails rarely go below the 17% open rate and always soar above the low click rate.  The lowest click rate over 3 years is 5%.  (Not an average, actual monthly response.)

Want to improve your email opens and clicks?

Ready to increase the money in your pocket and leave less on the table? Let's enhance your opens and clicks….

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