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AWAI Reality Blog example

Lean into Your Strengths You are Good Enough

One of the most common challenges for writers is to realize that you are good enough. It’s when you recognize you have enough confidence and skills to take on paying clients.

It’s ironic. You come to writing because you love it. Then, excitedly, you take a program or two, and suddenly, you start doubting yourself.

The best confidence builder is to write every day. Something. Anything. Just write.

It’s like learning to ride a bicycle. The magic happens when you start peddling, gaining momentum, and those actions set you in motion. Suddenly, you are flying down the street with the rubber tires singing on the pavement. You’re a superhero with your face to the wind.

Press release example

Mother Nature's Medicine Chest

Mother nature's medicine cabinet has shared her treasures since the dawn of time.

Over the eons, people discovered that plants or parts of them could be beneficial. Leaves or flowers might have fallen in a pot of hot water. It smelled good so they tasted it. It tasted good so they drank it.  It was a slow careful testing process that mothers taught daughters. Herbal lore.

Every generation added to the lore. They knew what each plant was best for. Some had many uses. Others were more specialized.

Fast-forward to today and the process has become a science. 

SAAS email for healthcare

Because we care

Dear [FNAME],

Don’t struggle alone for another day.

You’re a patient of ours, and we want to help you get even better support.

At xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Medical Center, we value every patient. We’re concerned about the quality of your care during your visit. Even more than that, once you’ve said goodbye to us - how are you able to handle things at home?

We’re committed to helping you through each step of your health and wellness journey. So, we’ve put together a team of support professionals that understand what you are going through.

Our team is here to provide you with personalized support. Help for you and your family,  regardless of the challenges you are facing.

Newsletter example

B2B beauty industry
Let Your Dreams Grow Wings for 2022

Welcome to 2022 and the 61st issue of ENW Wax Divas, a monthly newsletter by me, Judi Culp Pearson, president and CEO of Estheticsnw.com. And I'm glad you're here. My New Year’s Resolution is to bring you even more useful information for your business and living your best life.  So let’s get to it…

Want More Success Growth and Delighted Clients in 2022? 

Landing Page example 

B2B Beauty industry

WELCOME to Jon Renau Education On-Demand.  We’re excited to bring you the same top-tier training for which Jon Renau is known. Here you’ll find the same education our experienced alternative hair specialists share in our live programs.

No time-consuming and expensive travel. No waiting for the next class. On-Demand means it’s available on your schedule.

With Education On-Demand, we will walk you through how to maximize your business success.  We’ll explore marketing, client management, and success-boosting practices. We’ll dive deep into product knowledge because we know your success is in large part really knowing your product. 

Example of email sequence 

B2B Beauty industry

OBJECTIVE: Build the value of education

SUBJECT LINE: The Secret to becoming your client’s beauty confidant

PREVIEW LINE: Education is the proven path to business success


HEADLINE Hair loss can make clients feel insecure, overwhelmed, and isolated—you can help them

INTRO VERBIAGE: Clients who need alternative hair may feel a multitude of emotions. They’re nervous and concerned about doing the wrong thing.  Knowledge empowers them, and so can your expertise.    Our experience has taught us the more we share knowledge with you, the faster your business will grow.

Product Descriptions Example  

B2C Spa website 

Muscle Melt Bath

  • Full body relief for aches, cranky joints, and tight muscles
  • Uses therapeutic herbs Dragontree clients have raved about for over a decade.
  • Warming, cooling, soothing, relaxation leaves you feeling renewed

Ultimate in at-home care!

At Dragontree Spa, our therapists see lots of clients with cranky spots, tense muscles, and stiffness. Many of them need a head-to-toe answer.

We’re often asked: Do you have a full-body wrap?  Well, no, we created something even better than that. This giant herb tea bag, lets you create a full-body bath soak. It’s the ultimate in at-home self-care!

Example of copy for website and radio/tv 

B2C Beauty clinic 

Body•Mind•Soul Studios - Eugene’s premier wellness collective. 

Inclusivity is our core. 

Our dedicated team of licensed professionals provides quality, custom care across diverse wellness fields in our friendly, welcoming environment. 

  • Cosmetic and Medical tattooing 
  • Skin, Hair, and Medi-spa 
  • Healing through the Ancient Art of Tattoo 

We help you solve concerns and move forward. Feel empowered, confident, and downright sweet, sassy, or daring. 

Feeling frustrated? We help...

Example of marketing article

B2B Marketers or business owners

Without your business bones, your brand will struggle just like this little girl. You see, she was born with no bones...

Your brand is the core of your business's success as an owner or marketer. Your brand's unique selling proposition, USP, is your business brand bones. It’s your business skeleton that makes your brand stand out from the competition.

While people have the same bones, your skeleton is uniquely yours. The same applies to your USP. Therefore, you need to identify the unique twist that sets you apart from your competition. 

It’s the skeleton or bones that your success depends on to grow.

It’s well worth the time and effort to identify your business bones. Your marketing should share the message once you know what makes you unique. However, I’ve found that sometimes, you need an outside view to see your answers.

This story isn’t sweet; it’s as real and true as it gets. But unfortunately, it also shows how your business might look without a good skeleton… 

Example of marketing article 

B2B Marketers or business owners

Share Hero Journey Stories to Celebrate and Empower

We have an innate love and desire to hear stories. The one we learned first is the hero journey. It dominates storybooks. 

Disney Studios has used this format exclusively for decades. Every story they tell uses this format. It’s earned them Billions. 

In this story technique, your readers see the hero’s problem as theirs. As a result, they identify with the same challenges the hero faces.  

Readers discover possible solutions for their own problems through the hero’s journey.

Example of marketing article 

B2B Marketers or business owners

Thin-Slice to One Idea

In copywriting, we always start with the premise of One Idea. Too many ideas overwhelm and confuse the reader, who is likely to stop reading.  And you want your article or blog post to be read, right?

Another highly popular term for this concept is microlearning. Breaking a big, complex idea into easily digestible bits. And serving them up one at a time, not all in one document, article or blog post. I call this Thin-Slicing.

Like eating an elephant… one bite at a time. This is why social media is so popular - it’s full of tiny little bits of information that people can absorb quickly and easily.

Example promotional piece for hospitality

B2C  Oregon Coast Resort and Spa

Oregon Coast Oasis

Nestled next to Siletz Bay, Salishan Resort has been offering wellness for decades. Many baby boomer natives grew up visiting there.

Freshly remodeled and updated, guests are returning to enjoy the magic of this coastal oasis.

Salishan sits on 250 lush acres and it seems to be one with nature. Play a round of golf on their top-caliber course stretching from the bay to the edge of primal feeling ancient forests.

Walk on paths among the tall Douglas firs and Sitka spruce that leave you feeling you may have stepped into another place and time.

Whatever your project may be,

I’d like to invite you to get in touch with me so we can schedule a phone or skype consultation and explore the possibilities. I am available via email: [email protected] or Schedule a Call.

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