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Imagine double marketing success with communications problem solving

Imagine what it would be like if you doubled your business engagement and ranking? Imagine having content that ranks and grows your business. And what if you can do this at a fraction of what your competition spends to increase their business?

That's why I use SEO copywriting techniques.

If you aren't familiar with SEO, you might wonder "Is SEO important in writing? " The answer is yes. Because SEO gets you the Google attention you deserve. It helps those Google bots find you.

Writing and psychology have always been my passions. I love understanding how our minds work. You'll love how using it engages your prospects.

Psychographics, the behavior and mindset side of why we buy, was natural for me. It's my secret strength. I had a 98% conversion rate in my own live sales career. Now I use those skills to help solve your business challenges.

I've helped businesses that focused on demographics to add the psychographic-emotional elements and grow. 

Why? You buy with your emotions and then rationalize your decision with logic.  It leads to more sales, more leads, and more online traffic.

Not sure? Remember a car buying experience... "Ooh, sleek, yummy, muscular, sexy car. Wow. I love it. I need this one because it's so safe and economical." 

The example may sound a little simplified, but it's the way your mind works.

I take my favorite communication components and make them a dance team to help you. Copywriting, SEO content writing, technical writing, communication marketing, and psychographics enable power growth.

I choreograph those elements to raise your brand awareness, increase leads and sales, and elevate your Google position.

It's all part of SEO content marketing for pages that rank and strengthen your reputation, visibility, and relevance to your target audience.

Ready to grow with SEO Copywriting?

Want to get found by Google bots? Get more leads and sales? Drive more traffic to your website? Enhance Google search positioning? I can help you. Each goal is core to SEO content marketing. I use psychographics and stories to engage and keep them reading. Then I use SEO to help build your brand status. It takes time, but organic growth is more solid and respected by customers. Let's get started...

About Me - Cancer is Scary

“You have cancer.” Laying there on the cold hard surgery table waiting for the lab results of my breast biopsy, I was stunned. No one ever wants to hear those words. I was 33, too young for this to be happening. What about my ten-year-old son?

Somewhere in the blur of the next few days, a thought fixed itself in my head. My Grandmother had a breast removed when she was in her mid-forties. Back in her day, there was no treatment, only surgery. She lived to be 95 years old.

I had the benefits of great doctors and the latest chemotherapy. I would get past this and like the other women in my family live to a ripe old age.

There wasn’t much nutritional information compared with the volumes we have today. I became a researcher and supplement junkie as well as an anti-aging skincare specialist. Even today no one guesses my age. I’ve helped women discover supplements and alternative therapies that have improved all aspects of their lives.

When a wellness client told me, "You've changed my life, and rescued my business," I knew I was onto something and had a mission to help others.

I’ve been called a workaholic. I come by it honestly. My father was one and so is my son. When we take on something, we do it wholeheartedly, reliably, and professionally. Research is my middle name. I need to validate and believe. It kicks in my passion for sharing, helping, and persuading.

I grew up with a unique sister

My sister was born with cerebral palsy. She is smart, witty, and has a caring heart. However, her motor skills make her disabled. From the time I was young, I knew inclusivity and exclusion. People can be very kind, or cruel.

I saw it first hand... like when a principal at the grade school said Sis could attend kindergarten there, but not regular classes. Fortunately, a new principal came the following year.

Mr. Bow met with my family and had my Mom keep Sis home the first day of school— he talked with her classmates. There were very few problems and if someone was caught mimicking her way of moving, the teachers and principal stepped in and educated them.

Then, I recall when a new boyfriend in high school pulled away when Sis reached out to greet him. That ended that relationship. I turned and walked away. If we hadn't been in the church, I might have slapped him.

Those experiences colored my attitudes. I have no tolerance for bullies or those who don't treat others well. If you want someone to help you get your social inclusivity message across, reach out. The world needs more kindness and inclusion. Let's share how you help.

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