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Be your own wellness superstar. More sales, web traffic and $$ in the bank.
Yes, I do that.

Imagine Your Marketing Problems Solved...

Grow your business and enhance profits!

Are You a Wellness Marketer or Business Owner? Imagine if you had a secret weapon to boost results and increase your bottom line.

I create content focused on offering your customers a great experience… a must in your Personal Development, Career Help, Coaching, and Wellness.

I help you using:

  • Persuasive writing
  • SEO content marketing
  • Psychographics,
  • Quality research,
  • Problem-solving.

Wellness Copywriting

I work to enhance your customer's life and shopping experiences with content marketing. I educate, entertain, inspire and gently persuade. At the same time, I build your positive reputation, visibility, and relevance.

I work both by the project and on retainer to assure you have adequate access to me to get your needs met.

The project may be as simple as a blog, article, or a commitment to have multiple every month.

Stories. Your amazing brand story, your personal story, and client success stories. I'll help you discover stories about your products or services.

I use SEO techniques to help you build Google rankings, and increase sales and web traffic organically.

To grow organically, (without paying) search engines want lots of TLC. In return, they increase your Google ranking, leads, sales, and web traffic.

And I keep your existing pages updated to keep those Google Bots happily engaged to share your content with searchers.

What content do you need?

  • SEO Content Writing  – to build your brand, rankings, and sales
  • Articles / Blogs – to inform, educate, entertain and build trust
  • Case studies – to help visitors see themselves succeeding
  • Email sequences – to engage, inform and stimulate action
  • Landing pages  – to engage and motivate action
  • Video scripts – to inform, teach and answer questions
  • Web content  – to inform, build know, like, and trust
  • Content writing – inform, educate, entertain through each phase of your buyers journey
  • Storytelling – incorporated into many modes to engage your visitor
  • Technical or training content or scripts
  • Social media content – to share the messages in your content marketing

Contact Judith

It’s all about your customer. They are the key to your success. Prospects and customers need a great experience. To do that they need to be, engaged, and nurtured. That needs a special kind of content... persuasion.

Let’s chat. I offer a free 15-minute Discovery Call to explore possibilities.  You can Book using the button below, or send me a message.   [email protected] 

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Clients and Experience
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