Frequently Asked Questions

What are your qualifications as a copywriter?

Imagine tapping into my brain. We may not be able to do a Vulcan mind-meld, but I've been writing copy for over 25 years. I write for my own businesses, clients, trade publications, and more. Because I won’t settle for less than the best, I have taken professional writing training from the best out there.

A perpetual researcher and student I've studied:

  • SEO Content Marketing - Certified
  • Three-years in a fiction writing group at the post-college level.
  • Writing and marketing programs through AWAI (American Writers & Artists, Inc.)
  • RMBC Copywriting from Stefan Georgi
  • Sales and video training from Clayton Makepeace
  • Copywriting Classical forms basic and advanced levels (AWAI Verified)
  • Social media marketing
  • Human to human writing for B2B, B2C or D2C one person at a time
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Newsletters
  • Information marketing
  • Avatar development
  • Website analysis
  • Advanced sales writing
  • Website content
  • User Experience Copywriting
  • Video Scripts for training and sales
  • And I make it a point to learn something every day, that's what keeps you on top of your game.
What is your background?

It started with brochures, menus, ad copy, and newsletters. Later it expanded into a monthly column for the Stylist Newspaper, and articles for all the major spa magazines: Skin, Inc., Les Nouvelle Esthetique, Skin Deep, and Dermascope.

When I created an online business in the late 90s, web content was added to my writing mix. I have written presentations and webinars for national organizations, training manuals, school catalogs, and have been involved in several books for the beauty industry.

My writing evolved when I shifted into full-time marketing writing. Your product/service, your story, my ability to provide a persuasive informative copy.

What fields do you have experience in?

WELLNESS. Wellness covers far beyond just feeling good, or not being sick. It is the Global Wellness Institute's global mission. It covers those sharing messages of spa, nutrition, fitness, outdoor activities, travel, mental wellness, being happy with your career, learning, growing, meditating, good money management, connecting with family and friends, social consciousness, and caring for our planet.

I have spent over 25 years in the beauty/spa field. I'm your customer, your target audience. I've been in some of the most amazing wellness spas across the US and abroad. I discovered new techniques and revisited classical therapies.

As a wellness advocate, I'm a believer in alternative health therapies and supplements - preventative proactive medicine instead of chasing a problem.

As a cancer survivor, I know the importance of healthy eating and food sourcing. If you don’t live where crops can grow year-round… you don’t get maximum nutrients from foods that are available. Supplements are important for optimal health. So if you sell supplements, I'm your ideal customer.

I know the questions, concerns, and skepticisms your client has. I know the triggers that will make them leave without buying. Quality ingredients, well-formulated, and feel assured that her purchase is backed by you help complete the buying process. And when products prove themselves, we just keep coming back.

Do you offer consulting?

I consult and strategize for my clients. I bring you two views, those of a marketer, and those of your customers. I share psychographic tips to better improve engagement and sales. Yes, women buy differently.

What do your clients say?

Please visit my Testimonials page to see who some of my clients are and what they have to say. Or if you'd like to see Samples of my work, please visit that page.

Different Question?

Please message me at [email protected], or...

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