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Today's world is moving fast. And the digital world even more quickly. Businesses need techniques to stay ahead of the competition. Managing SEO plus AIO is one way to do that.

AI, or artificial intelligence, uses machine learning and other advanced technologies. This, combined with your input, creates marketing strategies or articles.

When you use an AI writing tool, it crafts content quickly but not always accurately. The output depends on what it finds on the web and its programmed algorithms. Sadly, there have been some embarrassing errors, including in Bard’s debut. There have also been some lawsuits due to erroneous slander charges.

SEO, or search engine optimization, enhances your website and online presence. It helps improve your rankings on search engine results pages. Both AIO, Artificial Intelligence Optimization, and SEO strategies can be helpful.

What's AIO Optimization?

AI has revolutionized the marketing landscape. It provides businesses with a range of powerful tools. The analytics allow you to analyze customer behavior and optimize content. You can automate repetitive tasks and give quicker customer responses.

Yet, while AI may be an excellent tool for increasing productivity, it does it at a cost. AI-generated content often misses the mark in attracting search bots. Search engines look for more key factors than what AI provides. They’re looking for EEAT, or Experience, Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness.

AI usually writes in the third person passive voice. It uses long, convoluted, or repetitive sentences, and the grammar can be hideous. All of these can spell doom for your marketing efforts. They are worse than Mordor.

Many AI writing tools do not quote the resources used. You have to use a tool like Google Search to confirm facts stated in the content. It also means the person controlling the AI must know about the content topic. Otherwise, you may publish misinformation.

AI can be helpful for research and idea starting. But it can be a very expensive shortcut for most business owners who rely on it to generate their content. What they need is AI Optimized content, also called AIO. That's content that will produce positive results for you.

SEO Optimization

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a way of building content based on your targeted goals. It includes discovering keywords, often longtail keywords, that focus on your audience searches.

Longtail keywords are more specific. Very few people would search for "shoes." Why? A search for the keyword shoes brings back 2,960,000,000 results. Instead, they narrow down their search by adding more words. "Comfortable summer walking shoes for women." This search still brings back 51,700,000 results.

Adding a brand, like Sketchers, for example, brings it down to 10,600,000 results. The more specific the search, the closer the results will be to what a person has in mind.

Many savvy businesses use this to their advantage. Instead of opting for the top search keyword, they use the longtail approach. They target what they are selling by using a longer keyword phrase. When the buyer uses that key phrase, the brand's product appears in the search results.

This kind of targeting helps level the playing field. Small brands have a much better chance of increased visibility and web traffic.

The benefits of using SEO are extensive, but it takes time and effort to put in place. Link building and improving search engine rankings need consistency and time. Often, outsourcing SEO makes sense and allows owners to focus on business operations.

AIO Plus SEO Work Best Together

Some business owners use an AI tool and generate content. Then they put it in the hands of a specialist for optimization. The specialist makes sure keywords are employed. And they recommend what backlinks to include.

At the same time, they can make sure the AI content is optimized for humans. Specifically, your target audience. They include the EEAT factors and ensure story and emotion are present to engage readers.

Integrating SEO plus AIO

Many businesses know about the importance of SEO integration. But, they may need more staff, bandwidth, or skill sets for proper implementation.

An AIO specialist knows SEO and can help complete tasks more effectively and efficiently.

AI generators have only been available for about six months. And the interest in using them is staggering. But so are the issues around using them to avoid problems, errors, and repercussions. You need client-focused quality content that uses SEO and EEAT. It also needs to be audience relevant for it to work well.

Message me if you feel overwhelmed, need clarification, or are frustrated with your marketing performance. I solve problems.

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