Formula: Skincare, Cooking, & CBD have this in common

Planning CBD Marketing carefully is essential for success
Focus on the formula

Skincare, cooking, and CBD may not seem to have much in common.  But it’s there.  If you focus on the commonality, the formulation, it will simplify your marketing efforts.

Over my years in the skincare field, I’ve seen lots of new products come to market.  Some were fabulous, some fell flat.  Many tried to focus on a hot “new” ingredient.  There are two problems with this method.

First, except for engineered ingredients like peptides and changes to delivery systems, we are mostly dealing with the same plants that have been around for thousands of years. Second, they are depending on a single ingredient to solve a diversity of problems.

Chamomile and arnica are great for soothing, but won’t stimulate anything. AHAs are great for exfoliating, but not for soothing.

Have you ever had one of these?

Worst food experience ever…

A friend knew my husband loved Mexican food. She grew up near the US-Mexican border and raved about how a local Portland, Oregon restaurant had finally gotten it right.  Real, authentic Mexican food, just like she grew up enjoying in New Mexico. 

So I talked up the restaurant and we made a visit to check it out.  The menu looked pretty typical although not as diverse as I’d seen and enjoyed in southern California.  My husband was very excited…authentic Mexican food.  He loved it spicy and liked to prove himself by eating the peppers straight.

Long story short, the food was so hot it burned his mouth.  Even my taco salad was much hotter than expected. Evidently, in the area where my friend grew up, the seasoning they used was hot chilies.  The taste was chili dependent.

But anyone will tell you food taste is dependent on not one ingredient but a seasoning blend.

Give me Tex-Mex or Southern-Cal-Mex anytime, thank you.

The formula is also key in skincare

One ingredient doesn’t solve all problems.  Nor does it work for everyone.  Dry or maturing skins have specific needs. Ditto for sensitive skins or those fighting blemishes. One formulation fits about as well as the typical one-size-fits-all dress. It never does.

Coconut oil is a hot item right now, but all tropical oils tend to be comedogenic. They aggravate breakouts and can cause more clogging.  Coconut oils might be wonderful for dry skin but can cause oily skin problems.  The more in the product, the bigger the issue.

Even iconic ingredients like aloe, hyaluronic acid, chamomile, and vitamin C work best when blended with other targeted ingredients. 

Vitamin C wants vitamin E and ferulic acid for maximum results.

The most effective products are blends of ingredients designed to enhance each other.  CBD products are the same way.

We talk about the entourage effect of using full-spectrum hemp CBD.  But when you add other ingredients with known and established properties you now have a product that will get you more targeted results.

That’s what consumers want.  Targeted results from ingredients designed to work together.

For example, topical CBD for post-athletic workouts is used by many to soothe muscles.  But the most effective formulas blend in wintergreen, menthol or eucalyptus all also known to relax sore muscles.  The blend enhances each other. 

But despite this balm’s effectiveness on a workout stressed muscle, it could cause discomfort on skins that have experienced a thermal or chemical burn.  That formula needs all soothing ingredients.

Benefits of marketing formula blends

Many companies already are using targeted blends for topical or ingestible CBD products. That’s smart.  We commonly see focuses on reducing stress, enhancing sleep and for post workouts. 

When the copy focuses on the blend and what other enhancers do, it takes the pressure off marketing the CBD.  Most other plants have not had the bans in place suffered by hemp.

There are more evidence and research data as well as anecdotal evidence from centuries of use.

Aloe Vera for example

Aloe is one of the ingredients people have used for thousands of years. It’s “widely known” to soothe sunburn and help with healing.  Aloe has antiseptic properties and is often included in calming products or those for acne or psoriasis.   

One of the things discovered about aloe is that the enzymes in it can dry out skin if used too frequently.  But blending it with hydrating and protective ingredients makes it useful for a broader range of skin types. 

So back in the seventies and eighties, aloe products were all the rage. Today it has become a standard go-to for blending and enhancing products.  It brings its own marketable and widely recognized set of benefits.

And aloe is only one example of how this is being done routinely.

CBD formula blends

When marketing your CBD products either topical or ingestible, focus not just on the CBD and its entourage but the entire formula.  Lean on the established benefits of ingredients that are commonly known and well documented. 

This has been done in both the skincare and alternative health industry for years.  Be aware of and avoid trigger words and claims that will attract unwanted FDA attention. 

Regardless of how fabulous any ingredient is, the copy must comply with federal guidelines and avoid health claims.  Keep your product copy straight forward and simple. Share the blend and ingredients your reader will recognize. 

Tell stories

We are all hardwired to love stories.  They captivate our attention and draw us in.  Use customer testimonials and case studies to share how someone else had a great result with your product. Let them tell the story.  What they used. How they used it. What the results were. 

Put these stories in their own category with testimonials, not on product pages.   

You still need to follow FDA guidelines and eliminate trigger words. Yes, it can be tricky, but it’s doable.

Need help?

If you’re wanting to get your message out and need help with case studies or sharing your formulation entourage, that’s where I can help.  Reach out to me: [email protected].

For more on FDA and marketing CBD check out this article:

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