Transparency = Trust = Customer Loyalty

Transparency builds trust

In the world of marketing CBD or any other product, there are two distinct pathways...hype and gimmickry or transparency. You can find effective examples of both methods all over the field of Alternative Health. 

Choose Transparency

If you are looking for long-term customers instead of constantly needing to replace them,  the transparency path is the better choice.  

In the fast-growth niche of CBD, standards are still vague and monitoring erratic. Some businesses are there committed to building the niche and its global place. 

Others are in it for a quick buck. They’ll make their buck and then fade away. Unfortunately, they can stain the industry's reputation and make potential buyers more skeptical and concerned about being duped again.  

How much transparency?

Maybe you aren’t sure just how transparent to be. In this situation, your prospects will make their own decision about how trustworthy you are and far more likely to just move along.  

Think about the last time you saw a picture of a luscious, mouth-watering burger, loaded to perfection.  And then you ordered one only to receive something that only had the barest resemblance to that picture.

To say the least, it’s disappointing. It might also make you think twice about where you buy next time.  Quick dollars...long-term loss. 

It’s better to avoid making things seem better than they are. In the above example...the burger we got wasn’t as described. If the photo had been less “photoshopped” and the burger we got was better than the picture, we’d be delighted, not disappointed. As it is, in the fast-food world, they’ve disappointed us so often, we expect it. 

Transparency guides future growth

How marketing is handled will in part determine the long-term future of the hemp, CBD and THC. Disappointment could mean people revert to traditional remedies. If they get results equal to or better than expected...they’ll be telling their friends...

In trying to decide if something needs to be shared with the prospect, focus on UX - user experience.  Does it add value to their experience with you? Introducing your team and recognizing their achievements enhances their comfort with you. 

Talking about your goals, vision, business recognitions, certifications, and awards also add value. If you use third-party testing to validate what the label says is in the product...that adds real value.  Tell them about it.

The adage “show don’t tell” comes into play here.  Be sure to share photos of people who are being recognized. It adds value and makes it more real.

Customers who had a success story and are willing to let you share it, add value. That’s an opportunity to talk about your product in a non-marketing way. You can say things in that story you can’t say in your product marketing.

Stay positive and real

Keep your messages positive and uplifting.  If you had a problem, say a leaky cap. Share that you had the issue and how you resolved it. Suffering from growing pains? Things taking longer to get shipped? Be honest about it. Let them know how you are working to fix it.

Prospects and customers like you to be real. It builds trust and value. Or in this scenario, they might up their order so they don’t run out.

Value increases price

More value means they are willing to pay more. A good example is in the grocery store.  People are quite willing to pay more for organic foods.  

They’ve also gotten more educated and realize a brand with the word organic in it doesn’t mean that it’s really organic.  That is tricky marketing and long term, drives people away.

Where I live, there is a farmers’ market every Saturday and it’s been going on nearly 100 years. Attendance is so high, it can be hard to find parking. Lots of repeat customers. They make the extra effort because they can get face to face with the people behind the company. Customers like to check out and compare the products available. 

And they pay more than they would pay for food in a grocery store. If you asked them, they would tell you, “It’s worth it.”  Better quality, lasts longer, better value. Exactly the things you want to hear about your product.

Quality of content is king...

This makes it important to get your content the best it can be. You can’t afford anything less than great. To maximize your growth leave this to an experienced professional who understands your product niche. You may have to start small and ramp up your marketing as you grow. But your quality content will help you get there faster.

Need help with great quality content focused on your prospect’s UX? Message me. [email protected] or visit my website, for more information.

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