Try these Social Media Marketing Tips for the Edge to Success

Social Media Examiner recently interviewed marketing experts and got them to share their current social media marketing tactics. Advanced strategies to create successful marketing campaigns. Here is a curation of that article and my own thoughts on the ideas shared.

Be A Strategic Social Media Marketer on Facebook

According to Mari Smith, the world's foremost expert on organic Facebook marketing, there are four types of social media business users. 

  • Influencers (10%): These people have a good-sized loyal following. They generate revenue from their own offers. In addition, they monetize their content through third-party revenue-sharing payouts.
  • Creators (5%): These folk publish massive volumes of content. They rely on payouts and bonuses from third parties. This puts them at risk of Facebook’s whims.
  • Marketers (75%): Businesses of all sizes. They work hard to maintain a social media presence but often struggle to get measurable results. This is often from using dated methods.
  • Strategists (10%): Smart professionals, business owners, and brands. They focus on posting strategically. Everything is connected to driving traffic, leads, and sales. They maintain control of resource allocation and tracking metrics.

Most businesses must regain control of what’s important and how the money is used. You need to use both organic and paid Facebook marketing. Only follow Facebook’s suggestions if they are right for you, not just because Facebook says so.

Train AI for Your Social Media Marketing

This tip comes from Diana Gladney, a video specialist who teaches people how to use YouTube effectively. She suggests training ChatGPT about your business and having it save the information for future use writing about your business. This works great if you are a ChatGPT user. But if you use another AI tool, that’s where you should implement this suggested information.

You need to train your AI tool to understand your brand. To do that, start a new thread and share the following prompt. [I’m sharing the directions verbatim as the success is in the prompt wording.]

My name is: (share your name.)

Here’s a little bit about me: (share your bio.)

My business name is: (Share the name your business is recognized by.) 

My website address is: (share your website URL.)

My business is about: (describe your business.)

My ideal target audience is: (describe your ideal audience.)

Please retain all the information I shared with you today to refer to later.

Your AI should respond that they have noted all the information and that they will retain it for future reference. 

This will begin a reference document you can use later to get more relevant answers. To keep current on it, copy and paste what you share into a Word or Google document so you can refer to it. It's not clear how you can keep the thread open, constantly add to it (as suggested), and get other work done in the same program. 

In my research on AI tools, I found that some paid programs allow you to create profiles like this exercise just did and store them in the AI. Then when you are working, you tap into that profile, and the software remembers the details you want to use so you get more relevant answers. 

For Social Media marketing - Prioritize Facebook and Instagram Lead Generation Ad Follow Up

My top takeaway from this tip, shared by Tara Zirker, is you need to stay in touch with people when they sign up. Facebook recommends you follow up with each lead within 15 minutes. Use automation to make this happen. 

Then you need to stay in touch with them using a sequence of seven to eleven touch points within the next two to four weeks, depending on your business model. This isn’t excessive; it’s something savvy marketers know. Most people need multiple nudges to take action.

You want to stay in touch and draw them farther into your sales funnel. Marketers often use sales or landing pages that guide them through their next steps.

Give Instagram Viewers a Reason to Follow You

There are two ways to encourage people to follow your social media marketing. First, add a positioning statement that identifies the value you offer your audience. Add this to your bio.

The second pathway is to go LIVE regularly. This is something Instagram users love. Going live regularly and promoting it in your bio is a great way to get more followers.

Refine Your Social Media Marketing via your Facebook Ads Campaign Structure

I really liked this tip by Facebook ads expert Allie Bloyd. She suggests using Ad Set Budget Optimization and testing one ad per ad set. If you use the Advantage+ budget, Facebook decides which ad set gets the budget. Your goal is to test everything equally. 

Once you complete individual ad testing and know which ones are the winners, you can switch to cost cap bidding and start scaling. 

So there you go, take control and take the time to test, tweak and discover the analytics that can give you feedback and save you money in the long run.

You can read the full article here.

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