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image of a male shogin underlying brain  nerve and muscle tissue in a futuristic look
Image created using

AI art is defined as any art created through text-to-image technology.  It uses ChatGPT, machine learning algorithms, and deep neural networks. Simply said, you create a prompt, and the AI uses that to create an image.  

There are several variations in the technology options, and each returns slightly different results. Some of them give more predictable results than others. So it's important to explore them and learn the differences for the platform you are wanting to work with.

There are several free apps where you can give it a try.  I saw that my Canva now has this ability, so I tried it.  My prompt was a dreamy fantasy image of Queen Mab in a garden casting dream spells. For anyone that doesn't know, she was a rather not-nice person in ancient Celtic history. It’s okay, but not what I had in mind. Doesn’t quite suit her nasty reputation. But part of the problem is probably in the wording of my prompt.

Bing’s AI Art Generator uses the latest technology, DALL-E2.  Using the same prompt, here’s Bing’s answer.

Then I tried one recommended by a friend.  It comes in free and paid plans.  Here is what NightCafe came up with.

And I also tried it in Craiyon. Again, I used the same prompt.

I noticed in Craiyon that the images were less crisp, but that may be just learning that program’s settings. 

I also noticed with most of the images, if you get them too large, you can start to see some flaws in the anatomical structure.  This can be a result of the settings that you use. I know I wouldn’t use any of these for a marketing post, but that depends on what you’re marketing. But seeing what it would do with a specific prompt was fun.

These tools are simple to use. Once you access the online account, you need to tell AI what you want to create.  

Follow the text prompts and describe the kind of image you want: illustration, photo-realism, cartoon, high definition, artistic portrait, fantasy, dark fantasy, sci-fi, modern, impressionist, etc.  Each program may give you different choices or allow you to create your own. It may allow you to choose multiple prompts and presets. You also choose the number of images you want to see.  If you don’t get the style you want, try again. 

AI generated person showing muscle structure (no skin) against an electric and attention grabbing background.
Image generated in

AI Art Pricing

Craiyon pricing depends on your desired speed and how long you want to access the program. Evidently, Craiyon has some issues with accessibility and is working on expanding its servers.

Night Cafe charges are based on credits. One image is zero credits. 4 images are one credit. 9 images are 2.25 credits, etc. You can earn credits for different activities. That makes it possible to use it for free if you’re careful with your credits. They also have attractive pricing starting at $5.00/month billed quarterly.

MidJourney, a paid access service, ranges from a Basic $10 plan that gives you 3.3 hours per month. A standard $30 plan for 15 hours a month or a Pro $60 plan for 30 hours per month.  All pricing is per month. 

If you are using a writing AI program like Jasper or INK, they also have AI art creation built in but I have not really tested them hard for medical, alternative health and wellness. That's my next step. 

Here is what INK created using the same prompt.

If you are using a paid service, no credits are necessary. If you use a free service, you must credit the AI that created it.

AI art is all about the Prompt

Getting exactly what you want is based on entering the right prompt. It needs to be descriptive, specific, and detailed. If you don’t get what you want, try again but change the prompt. If the style is wrong, you must also change that setting. It’s exactly like creating the right prompt for writing. Garbage in gives you garbage out. Wrapping your head around talking to a robot is the hardest part. So give yourself some time to practice and watch your output improve. 

Styles of AI art

Most of these come with a preset style. When you discover where the controls are, it makes changing the look more simple.  You’ll have to go into advanced mode if you want a blend of styles. Here’s an example.  In NightCafe, the style button is in the lower left-hand corner. 

Click on the arrow, and the page expands to show choices. (There were more than would fit in a screenshot.)

The Standard is NightCafe, and I changed the setting to Epic.  That gave me a more British or Celtic feel, and this Queen Mab. If I had changed the prompt wording to dark or wicked, it would have us a Mab with a more sinister personality.

Image created in

If you have issues adjusting the size, use the Image Options tool in your word processor.  

You are only limited in what you create by your imagination, prompts, and practice. 

They can be an interesting option if you haven’t tried AI Art Generators. You could also use them to create a unique graphic element to add to your social media post in a generator like Canva.  

So what programs have you tried? What are your thoughts on the results?


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