The Magic of Repurposing Content

When we repurpose content we update, revise and put it back to work.
Repurposed content is recycled, refreshed and resused.

Consistently creating quality content is something every business needs to do. It keeps the customers and prospects happy, the search engines happy...and SEO ratings up.  

Great content helps your customers and validates your market position.  However, repurposing content that's been there for a while, can accomplish many of the same things. In addition, it can also share your topic with new readers.

“Can you update this article for us?”

Requests like this aren’t uncommon.  I’ve been involved with an international organization for over 25 years. Most of their article submissions are by members. There is often a shortage, especially for complex articles.

I responded to the email asking when they needed the article. 

“By Friday?”  

I sighed. It was late Tuesday.  As the original author, I knew the topic well.  The content was good, but it needed a fresh look and an update. 

I was one-week post total knee replacement and had scheduled a slow time because I knew I’d be on pain medications. I also knew my contact wouldn’t have asked if she wasn’t desperate to meet her deadline. 

What I’ve observed over the years...

As a teacher in the wellness sector, I’ve had a lot of experience at repurposing.  You need to make sure the information is fresh and interesting for each group you work with. 

Information and technology have changed. Your content needs to be current with the latest developments. 

Above all, you need to resist being in love with the words you have written and focus on creating/sharing the precise message you are trying to get across.

One secret to keep in mind...

In addition to extending your audience reach, repurposing content also reinforces your message. Those new prospects typically need seven or more contacts before they buy. They need the same consistent message repeatedly.

Repurposing content helps to keep your message in front of them.

3 Techniques for Repurposing Content

Always start with an update. Make sure the information is current and reflects any changes or discoveries. This is particularly important if you’re in a niche where information or technology is rapidly changing.  

Next, consider how the content can be best repurposed and if it has several potential uses.

Republishing repurposed content can expand your audience and get new readers.

Take that refreshed content and look for different graphics or images that are in line with your message.  Consider keywords, categories, links, and backlinks.

You might start by republishing your content as a new blog post. Then look for other ways to put it to work. If it’s great content, it deserves to be featured and read.

Next, look for additional places to post your content. You might start on your website blog, then cross-post it to appropriate social media channels like Facebook and LinkedIn.

Convert it into a podcast or video. Then post it to your YouTube channel. Next share the link on social media or website.  Not everyone learns well reading.  If you convert it to a video or podcast, you give visitors choices. 

Offer to do an interview on a topic you’re knowledgeable on...repurpose that content and share why it’s valuable.

Convert old blog posts to a guide for marketing

If you have a group of blogs on related topics, they can be updated and repurposed as an in-depth guide.

This makes a great offer to increase your list. People are happy to share their email...if they get something relevant and useful in return.  

Be sure to enhance value with graphics, charts, or any other visuals helpful to the reader.  

Some businesses develop a collection of guides that they offer for sale on their website. 

One of the marketing greats, Robert Bly has over 90 published books, many of them still available on Amazon. His prolific writing helped to make him a self-made millionaire while still in his 30s.

Repurpose images/graphics

If your articles use a lot of great graphics, consider repurposing them in posts for Pinterest.  Tweak them and convert them to updated social media posts. 

Infographics are very popular and another great way to use graphics, charts, and other visuals. 

If you haven’t tried your hand at infographics a template that helps you build them can be invaluable.  Google “free infographic templates,” or check out what’s available on Canva.

They are simple to use and don’t require graphic design expertise.

Not sure what to repurpose?

Trying to make the decision on what content is worthy of repurposing can be challenging. Is the message strong?  How could it best be used? Is it current or out of date?

Often as an outside writer, I note what someone closely connected to the content doesn’t see. I make sure it matches your tone, message, and is persuasive. You want it to guide your prospect to the next step. 

When I work with clients, I update and repurpose much quicker than is possible when creating original content. That makes repurposing content budget-friendly. It also gets you fresh content in a calendar-friendly manner.  Message me: [email protected]

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