3 Sisters CBD Marketers Can Focus On

3 sisters pain, stress and lack of sleep take a severe toll
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The key to successful marketing is focusing on the client’s pain points.  In today’s chaotic world that’s the 3 Sisters...physical pain, anxiety, and inadequate sleep.  Each of the three feeds of the others and accelerates the client’s problem into a vicious cycle.

About ten days ago I woke up to stabbing pain from my lower back to my calf. I tried shifting position and the pain shot from a 6 to at least an 8. I had trouble controlling my breathing to say nothing of fighting back against the agony.

I bumped up my anti-inflammatories especially CBD. Topical and oral.  

It helped some, but it took diagnostics to realize it was sciatica.  In the midst of a pandemic, dashing to a doctor was low on my desirability list. I had to figure it out with my husband’s help. Fortunately, as an athlete, he had some experience with pain.

When you have pain like sciatic it interferes with your life, your work, your sleep, and your thinking. The pain triggers less sleep, you feel tired and can’t think as well.  

Pain also raises your stress level which in turn affects sleep and how you function.

When I added a few of the right kinds of movements for my form of sciatica to the anti-inflammatory regime, the pain dropped to the one-two range in short order.

Your client needs help like that.

No one ever diagnosed me with arthritis, but it’s a problem that most people develop as we age.  Some suffer from it as early as in their thirties or forties. Others of us are blessed to delay it much longer.

When we focus on the three sisters of pain we address three RAS triggers our clients face and try to cope with. They are those magic pain points we search for.

It’s important to remind them that they may need to do more than pop pills or other ways to ingest CBD. They need to identify the problem and add the proper physical movements for maximum results. 

From my personal experience, the combination can be life-changing...quickly.

3 Techniques to Deal with the 3 Sisters

Since we know it is a complex problem, it’s always best to suggest they seek professional help so they know exactly what they are dealing with if the pain doesn’t go away in a short period of time.

I didn’t do that when I had severe groin pain that I thought was a pulled muscle.  Six months later I was still in agony.  One Xray had the answer. The cartilage had snapped and I was bone on bone needing a  hip replacement.

A problem is so much easier to cure when you know exactly what the problem is.

Once that recommendation has been made then focus on these three techniques.

Focus on how the formula address the 3 Sisters

Synergies in formulas have been often overlooked in CBD products.  It’s not just the presence of CBD but how the product is put together. 

The supporting ingredients are equally important. Antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, calming agents, stress soothers. Share the magic of your blend while staying within the FDA requirements.

I’m not a scientist or a formulator but I’ve worked with ingredients found in supplements and skincare for over 25 years. There are ways to phrase things to get your message across and not make medical claims.

To talk about its features is important. However, if you are selling to the consumer, they are more focused on the benefits...how it will impact their life.

Address the inter-relation of the 3 Sisters

Your prospect is probably already realizing that their problem is affecting them in multiple ways. You validate that when you address the interaction between sleep, pain, and stress. 

It makes your product that much more believable and gives them hope.

Refer them back to the synergy of your product and how the different ingredients impact each of the sisters.

Tie your recommendations into minor lifestyle changes that can boost the impact of their experience and results.

Share a success story

There is nothing like a client success story as social proof on the results of your product.  Yes, we have to choose words carefully. 

The client has to match your target client and have the right RAS points. They need to be willing to share their experience. You may need to interview them and get more in-depth information.

We then need to show how the product improved their quality of life. We can share that they said they felt so much better, that they were able to do more. 

Those aren’t medical claims.  They were results a client experienced.

We tell the story, not about the client’s story.

Need help telling your client’s story? 


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