CBD Education = Sales

CBD and cannabis have experienced such explosive growth customers feel confused and hesitant.

We can help them have the confidence to place orders with quality CBD education. But to get results, it needs to be done right.

I remember when I first encountered CBD.  I was wary and concerned.  Oregon was the first state to decriminalize possessing small amounts of cannabis for medical purposes. Then in 2015 full legalization took place. There have been shifts since then. In 2017 all dispensaries had to become licensed.

That was when one of my clients told me about CBD cream for small joint arthritis. That caught my attention and research started. But there wasn’t a lot of information online.  It was very intimidating to actually go into a dispensary due to popular “weed” connotations.

But the people were knowledgeable and I left with a small trial size of a CBD balm. Amazing. CBD quickly relieved a cranky finger joint. 

What my experience taught me…

That tiny success put me on a long-term research mission. As a writer and educator, I had an AHA moment. The educational aspect of CBD was important the educational if you want to get sales.

I was lucky because there are dispensaries everywhere here in Oregon. Access is easy and with the registration and regulation, those who work there know their product and what they can and can’t say.

Unfortunately, I find this level of transparency isn’t universal.

With the national lifting of restrictions and deregulation, websites and companies are springing up everywhere. Many people aren’t as lucky as I was. They have to depend on what they find online to make decisions.  That makes CBD education on your website a key factor in helping them trust you and place their order online.

Online education needs to include 3 aspects

There are three key areas your cornerstone education pages need to cover.

  • Basic information on what CBD is and isn’t.
  • Information on how it works, the science.
  • Customer experiences – success stories.

What CBD is and isn’t

Most people are looking for a clear understanding of the differences between CBD and THC. They need to feel comfortable that it isn’t going to impact their ability to work or pass random drug testing.

People will want information on new discoveries. Terpenes, CBG or one of the other 100+ components of hemp and cannabis that are being explored. 

I’ve read “respect the science” and I agree with that. But information needs to be presented in an understandable manner Making complex information understandable is a challenge. To help the consumer, it must be done.

Customers and prospects also want to know about the differences between various extracts and when/why they are used.

Most plants have a best-growing environment. Share what cannabis needs and how it thrives. Talk about the value of testing and what they are getting. Share why organic is important.

The right climate, growing environment, and ground free from industrial or agricultural chemicals all impact the plant quality.  They want to know this.  If they didn’t care, they wouldn’t be looking at alternatives to pharmaceuticals.

What it does

Once they understand what it is and isn’t they need to know how it works. That means taking them into the body’s cannabidiol system.  More science and complexity. Break it down into understandable bite-sized pieces. It also needs to follow solid science. 

Use article formats. Discuss what has been observed when CBD is used as an alternative pain medication. Talk about anxiety and insomnia. Do it carefully s to maximize customer benefits. Carefully give them realistic expectations so they don't become disenchanted with the product.  

If the consumer is thinking they can just get some CBD and sail through a major joint replacement without any narcotics…that probably isn’t true. It may get them off of the narcotics more quickly, but initially, in my personal experience, narcotics have their place post-surgery for a major joint. And there may be other medical reasons that cannabis or CBD would impact the outcome of surgical care…that’s another story.

Success stories

Customer success stories are a great way to share the benefits of any cannabis or hemp product. In today’s world, people are very skeptical and they love reviews. This is especially true online. We first read about a product, then we check the reviews to see what others say.

If you’re anything like me, you do it all the time on Amazon…

Customers’ stories share success.  Don't put stories on the product sales page. Separation keeps stories from being claims. So there isn’t anything there to trigger a backlash from regulatory agencies. Stories are the opinion of the person who had the experience. They aren't viewed as making claims.

Most companies start by getting the product in the hands of staff, family or friends. Get their results. Have them write you a review or interview them. Quote what they say.  Either way works. 

If the person has purchased the product, you may be able to state “verified buyer.”  This increases the credibility and value to the reader.  Clarity is important. Readers realize you never know who wrote the review. They also know people are sometimes paid to write them. Help them believe you. Be transparent.

How does your CBD education stand up?

Have you covered all these bases and more? Great going.

Does it need spruced up or expanded? You need someone who understands the science, CBD, and your company. A “niche” writer.

Don’t leave money on the table from unsure buyers. Get your educational pages out there and they are pretty much evergreen.  They will work for you now and in the future. That makes them an excellent marketing investment you can build on.

If you need help, reach me via messaging or my contact information and let’s have a quick chat.  Say you saw this article and I’ll do that initial consult complimentary.  Available spaces are strictly limited.

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