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Quizzes are a fascinating and hot topic in the digital marketing mix. They should be short, fun and useful for both the person taking the quiz and the business offering it. Most frequently, they are used to build an email list of people with a shared interest or concern.
I've tried quizzes in the past but found them frustrating to set up and the results didn't achieve what I hoped. Recently, TryInteract reached out to me. They offered the opportunity to try the program for free.
When they took me on a guided "tour", I got excited about what they were offering and eagerly said I'd give it a try.  It was as much a test for them as a test for me as I'm not the techiest person out there.

Helpful guides

TryInteract Quizzes step by step guides
The first thing that impressed me was the details in the step by step creation guides. The videos are well done. Also, they provided written steps you could follow as you worked your way through the process.
They have over 100 quiz templates so it was easy to find something all ready to go, or easily tweakable. Graphics were great quality, customization was simple.

When you upgrade from a free to a paid version you can insert your logo so your

TryInteract Quiz templates speed up your job
Step by step guides lead you through quiz creation with over 100 ready-to-use templates

brand is the only one guests will ever see.

Their online chat is a quick way to get an assist if you get stuck.
Every email program is different
I've used two different email programs over the years. MailChimp is free so popular with smaller clients. This was my first quiz with it and it took me a bit to get it set up. Now if I start another quiz, Mail Chimp automatically populates... so easy.
Before starting, familiarize yourself with the mail program you plan on using. It will speed up getting the system up and running.

Autoresponders included

TryInteract Quizzes Control Panel
Control Panel
This was a big bonus for me. I didn't have to start from scratch to incorporate client nurturing. Interact provides templates with each quiz to copy/paste into your mail system. This makes it quick to set up a series of autoresponders. All you provide is the link to the bonus associated with the email and your call-to-action.
You can follow their suggestions for what to offer as a benefit. Or use what you know works well for your target market.
You also have the option of sending quiz response category specific answers. Say you're a vacation planner... you can send information on the specific type of vacation the quiz taker favors. This type of target-specific information is a big bonus for lead nurturing.
If they don't respond to the fourth email, move them into your monthly client e-news. It's smart to nurture them long-term, You never know when their needs will change. It's good to be already on their mind.


TryInteract has a pricing structure from free, through several levels of professional use. Free is free forever but does have limitations. New businesses can upgrade to the Lite version for about $17/month paid annually. They also offer monthly payment plans. This lets you try the benefits of the paid version before you make a long-term commitment.
From Lite you can move up to one of two higher levels depending on your needs. Considering all that they offer, and the level of support, pricing seems quite reasonable.
You can also quickly offset the fees if you have a monetized website. Whether you sell services, programs, books or products, it won't take much to have you in the black.

Quiz Conclusions

In addition to quizzes, Interact also allows you to create Give-Aways and Polls. Their integration with Facebook ads is easy. Their diversity is robust, the support extensive. I give them a definite thumbs-up and am sharing with all my colleagues.
Want to take advantage of their Free Trial?

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