From Good to Great: The Powerful Role of Learning as a Business Owner

I hear lots of excuses for not taking a class or attending a workshop. 

  •  “I don’t need that class, I already do that.” 
  • "I'm so busy, I just don't have time."
  •  “I can’t afford it.” 
  • “I took one like that a couple of years ago.”

The truth is, you can never stop learning. I get it. These things all add up but I have a question for you…Can you afford NOT to do it?

It’s critical to stay relevant in your field/industry/niche. 

When you don't keep learning, you start slipping behind. Open yourself to a diversity of learning experiences on every type of topic that will help you grow your business and grow personally.  As the owner or CEO, the buck stops with you. Expanding your info base will assist you in doing it yourself or knowledgeably delegating it.

Continuing education allows you to learn the latest trends, techniques, technologies, and best practices so you are up to date and provide value to your target audience.  In marketing and writing the one constant is change. If you don’t stay current on the industry trends, what you offer or use in your marketing may not be the most effective techniques.  

The last thing you or your clients want is something that won’t give a return on the investment. If using social media marketing, you want to offer this year’s best performing channels for the specific business niche. Posts need to be in the current style and format that will maximize the results.

Studies are done every year to discover changing trends. For example, in the past year, segmenting and personalizing emails scored big. But overall marketing performed better when both the full list and segmentation/personalization were incorporated.

You need to take  a course, workshop or summit every year to assure you are employing currently successful techniques.

Gain new skills and opportunities

Taking educational offerings helps you enhance existing skills or adds new skills. These can help you expand your service offerings and reach new customers.  You may even discover new business ideas or opportunities from what you learn.  

Consider these options:

  • Attend a social media marketing workshop to be on top of the latest trends and algorithms.
  • Take a course on SEO Content writing that comes with credentials to show you know the best SEO practices.
  • Take a course to learn how the A-listers are using AI tools to maximize their productivity without have it look or read like AI generated content.
  • Escape to a writers or business owners' retreat where you can get feedback on your writing or marketing to instantly make it better.
  • Learn content strategy skills and expand your copy or content writing offerings. You may decide to offer consulting.

Not sure?  Check out what Social Media Marketing World is offering for 2024.

A colleague added Amazon marketing to her skillsets. In addition to her writing clients, she created automated websites that sell products for her with zero inventory.

Another colleague applied for a position on LinkedIn and discovered it was a travel consultant business opportunity. She could work remotely full or part-time. Since she loved to travel, it fit beautifully into her total business package.

You can also use new skills to expand what you offer to support your clients. New offerings lead to new or expanded income. Site audits, newsletters, case studies, and managing social media accounts could all fall into this category.

I took an online intensive branding application course and immediately put it to work. I created a support document for a client who I had created a branding strategy package, for as a bonus. Now they have the basic tools to ensure not just written but verbal communications follow their brand update.  

Whatever you learn - put it to use. Take what you learned and try new targeted ads or a personalized email series.  

Improve your value proposition!

By continually developing your expertise, you make yourself a more valuable resource and asset for your clients.  You can move into the position of a thought leader.

Or maybe you have extensive background in your niche. Consider “rent my brain.” Become their trusted consultant and advisor… and get paid well for it.

Show you are dedicated to excelling in your work through continuing learning and self-improvement. These things help you command higher rates and be more competitive.

Commit to one new learning opportunity every quarter to stimulate and grow your business.

Stuck or confused about your best next steps or more effective marketing messages?  Consider renting my brain - yes, I do that. Message me. Sometimes a single call can be all you need to discover a breakthrough and move forward.

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