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Grow Your CBD Client List 300% Faster

The quickest way to build your client list…and sales is using this marketing insider technique. It’s not weird and mysterious. It’s not especially hard…but it does take work and time. Not to panic…you do have options.

So what do you need?  In a word – content.  The word content has two meanings. The first indicates happiness and satisfaction. The content of a book, movie or website is what it’s about: the topic.  The "what it’s about" should create content – satisfaction – by the reader.

What's content?

The topic would be your business, what makes you unique, and why people should choose to buy from you. If you give them the right content… it will create satisfaction and the comfort to trust you and make the purchase.

Prospects won’t purchase from you if they can’t find the information needed before they decide – they won’t be content. If they can’t easily access the information they want…they won’t like you and if they don’t like you – forget the purchase.

The type of content information you need and where you need to put it is dependent on whether you’re business to business (B2B) or business to consumer (B2C).

Both types of companies need to start with a fabulous LinkedIn Profile backed up by a website.

B2C companies also need Facebook, Twitter and or Instagram.

What is content made up of?

Content is made up of various parts including Business Information, Contact Information, Product Information, Educational and supportive Articles and or Blogs and Testimonials or success stories.

They include an About You profile with details on how to contact you, and “why you”.

Prospects need information about your products. Transparency is your friend. They are becoming more and more leery of promises that sound too good.  Sure they have a problem, maybe pain, stress or sleep. But if you sell them hype, you’ll probably only get a one-time sale.


If you’re selling B2B – that’s a much larger investment. B2B sales are usually more complex and even more levels of data are required to establish the contentment needed to create a deal.

Businesses require a lot of content information to be sure they are making a smart one. They need to know your ingredients will blend into formulations as promised and have in them what you say they do. Assay tests and outside certification cannot be undervalued.


For B2B buyers investing in a retail line, they want to feel it’s going to perform for their customers. The last thing a retailer wants is a product that falls short of expectations.  It not only hurts the product brand…it tarnishes their reputation as a retailer.

Share all the details about your products. Do you offer full-spectrum or isolates? Organic? Certified? How and where grown, handled, distilled, formulated.  Is it topical or ingested, calming, fighting inflammation, or general health? Data on the strength of the dose is also super important.

Buyers love any stories or studies you can share to back up the “why you”. And they are desperate for dosage guidelines and where to start.

In addition to product information, B2C needs Testimonials and Success stories from verified users. Social reviews are the number one purchasing trigger. Articles, blogs, and videos offer content that you can’t necessarily put on an individual product page.

Where does Content need to be?

But you don’t just need this on a website to be considered a real, valid company. You need it on your LinkedIn profile.  To be considered trustworthy enough to buy from you need a professional profile with solid business information. And you need content posts to back up this profile and prove you are real and here to stay.

LinkedIn is a professional networking website. You may find retailers to sell your product or link with formulators looking for ingredients, but it’s not really a consumer source for information.  If you’re a retailer, then you also need content on consumer-oriented social media like Facebook, Twitter and or Instagram.

Feeling overwhelmed?

If you’ve run out of time and your website is still filled with WordPress Lorem ipsum, it’s time to either dig in or to hire a team. Many people don’t realize these placeholders in Latin are visible to the public. They destroy your credibility.

If you don’t have the time or the skills you need an outside writer who does. Someone who understands the delicacies of CBD marketing and the FDA. The last thing you need is shut down or investing in content that you can’t use.

 Need help? Message me or reach me here:  Let’s get that list growing now.

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