Researching Your Ideal Prospect

the outline of a blank face shows we need to know our ideal prospect
Who is your target market?

When you have a new business, product or service…you need to know who the ideal prospect is. Who it is designed for.  It’s really part of the product development if you want to generate the most sales. 

You don’t write a movie first and then figure out who wants to see it. You have knowledge of a group of people who like a specific type of movie you’d like to write about. You don’t write Star Wars for the Cinderella market.

The same is true for products.  In the alternative health, beauty and wellness sector…this is super important. Even within a specific product type. 

Too Face, Shiseido, La Prairie, Cover Girl and Shir-Organic all market to different segments of the beauty industry.  Too Face followers aren’t interested in La Prairie.

Five-star spas have failed because of their attention to location and demographics.   They ignored that 20% of their clients generate 80% of their revenue. If they had focused on them...the outcome could have been quite different.

Supplements are the same way as are every other venue in the wellness category. Spas, lifestyle, beauty, better health. Each must know it’s specific target market…and there are multiple targets within each sector.  Budget, mid-range, luxury.

Getting to know the prospect you really want to sell to takes a significant amount of work and research.

Without that research, your marketing efforts aren’t going to be effective.  You will have a lot of money going out on marketing, without the benefit of ROI.

Within your ideal clients, you need to separate your prospects by status or interests.

You deal separately with those who have bought from you before verses those who have never bought from you.  This is critical.


Remember last week we talked about know, like and trust? A previous client has established that rapport, but new prospect doesn't have it yet. You have to help them build it.

Good research takes some time and some digging to get the answers.  What are your goals for that prospect?  Single purchase or repeat customer?

A long-term relationship has a much higher per client value. It’s worth taking the time and investing in really getting to know them.

For most people in the alternative health and wellness sector, long-term is the name of the game.  We want that customer coming back for more.  We can upsell and cross-sell based on their interests. The realized dollar long-time, the lifetime value, if you will, of that particular client explodes x-potentially. It's huge.

Information to learn

So here are some factors you need to know about that new prospect. We've talked about whether they're a new lead or a person who has bought before.  Maybe you bought a list and you're going to send it out to this group of leads because they have a history of purchasing a similar type of product.

If that is the case, you need the demographics.  The list provider should be able to give you some very detailed demographics and it's critical that you acquire those. You need to know their age, gender, preferences, where they normally shop, who they shop from, what it takes to get them to buy something.

You need to know that their problem is something your product can solve. What are they interested in and concerned about?  You also need to know what factors will trigger them to buy. What are the emotions that drive them?

The more clearly we can understand that prospect, the better picture we can get of them as a visual, live, breathing person down to every detail about them. This makes it easier to connect to them in marketing.

One of the things I like to do is to think of a friend,  or a family member that I can identify your prospect with.

How does your ideal prospect think?

Well, my mom thinks differently than my daughter-in-law. Said daughter-in-law thinks differently than my best friend's granddaughter. And my best friend, has different needs and concerns.

Everybody comes from a little different perspective. It's really important to build that visual image as much as we can. This lets us really pinpoint every detail. Each one of those people we’ve mentioned would need to be reached a little bit differently.

We want to be able to really engage and connect with them and build that relationship. We want them to know we care about them as a person… as well as someone who might like our product.  That we understand what they’re going through.

Back pain, arthritis, hearing, whatever the problem might be. Maybe she's afraid she's going to look older and be less desirable. Those things are very important… valuable facets of a person to understand.

Who would be your ideal prospect?

Grab a pen and paper. Write an outline of what they look like, what their shopping patterns would be. Would they prefer to be on auto-ship? Would they want to have something come to them automatically every month? Do they want single items or do they like bundled packages?

All of that is super, super critical to know.

Need help defining your ideal prospect? Message me via the contact information provided below. Let’s have a discovery adventure…

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