The Power of Giving

Man handing something to woman sitting on the ground.
Helping is as easy as reaching out. Photo by Tom Parsons

In my blog last week, I shared the story of a friend who was living In Paradise, California at the time of the worst wildfire in history.  She and her Mom were trapped with no way to escape.  They joined a few others and sheltered in a stone building with steel doors.  It was their only hope…and it worked.

She and her Mom survived but lost absolutely everything.  I didn’t want to just leave the story there.  I wanted to share the amazing things that happened after she experienced all that loss.  From the news stories, what happened was repeated for many of the town folk.

After the fire, the survivors were housed in shelters while they figured out where they could go.  Her friends were posting on Facebook and very concerned about her.

And the giving started…

Then a go-fund-me page showed up on Facebook and we all chipped in.  We gave what we could to help her have a fresh start…but it didn’t stop there.

The news spread throughout the industry she worked in, which happened to be the field of permanent cosmetics.  Suddenly, anonymous packages were being delivered.  Her peers, her tribe sent her equipment, supplies… literally everything she would need to get started in a new life. 

It was amazing.  It was overwhelming…and it shows exactly what can  happen when we’re in a pinch.  The days of helping our friends is not over.  It is alive and well.  It happens on a community or neighbor scale…and it happens on abroad scale when there is a disaster.  

There are some incredible side effects to this helping, this giving.

Funny things happen when you give…

the giver gets something in return.  You get that good feeling down inside that you’ve helped another human being.  But giving also impacts your business.

Have you ever noticed at your local bank, at the teller’s windows there are little signs indicating how that teller gives back to the community?  Your community wants to know about your involvement. Why?

We live vicariously.  We get a good feeling about you...and about ourselves when we see something you have shared. Something nice you have done to help others.  It ties you to them, your neighbors, your tribe.

People like doing business with givers. People who don’t just take or sell us stuff… but those who are philanthropists…giving back.  People like Oprah Winfrey and Bill Gates.

Locally, the University of Oregon benefits tremendously from the philanthropy of Phil Knight – (think Nike.)  He has donated millions and millions of dollars back to his alma mater. Not just sports but across the board. Guess you know Nike is a very popular brand to support when it comes to buying athletic gear.

Your takeaway?

The next time you see an opportunity to help someone else do it. You get the good feeling…the glicken in return.  But remember…don’t hide it. Put it out there, show your involvement, your generosity and let others share that warm glow with you.

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