How Easily do You Ask for Help?

For most, asking for help is a challenge
Asking for help may be a personal challenge

Answering the question, How easily do you ask for help? can be tougher for most of us than we want to admit.

In this fabulous revealing article by Judith Sherven, PhD, an executive coach, she talks about asking this question in workshops.

Turns out, the answer for most people, is not that easily. Asking for help exposes our vulnerability. We're afraid of looking stupid or needy.

But exposing our vulnerable side, allows people to connect with us better. It shows our willingness to learn, grow and be part of a team. It helps us grow professionally as well as personally.

In a book I've been reading, Influence, The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert Cialdini, PhD, he describes our need to interact and reciprocate.

People like to say yes, they like to be helpful. It's actually a gift to someone to ask for their help.

If you find yourself needing someone's help but blocking asking for's time to figure out why, then just go do it anyway.

Asking is a win-win situation and a natural part of our human interaction.

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