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Crafting Your Business Messagebusiness messages must match

Successful marketing requires every business message ties together like the bow on a gift. When the messages don’t match, potential clients click Delete.  Mixed messages mean less impact.  Lost opportunities for new clients, and lost revenues.

Mixed  Business Message

What do mixed messages look like?  Let’s create an example.  Spa1 wants to be known as a high-end, deluxe pampering spa.

It’s located in a building off a side street that looks like an industrial district. The parking area is uneven gravel. There is no lighting.  It might make you wonder about venturing there in the evening.

Leather and chrome dominate the interior. The logo has a Grecian theme. The staff is independent contractors. There is no theme or uniform. Brochures, business cards, specials all send different messages.

There are no two parts of this business that tie together. The message is unclear to the client.  The chances of business success are very slim without a major makeover.

Define your target market and match everything

The business message starts with defining the target market you want to reach. It must consider the demographics of the area where they need to locate.  Example: A waxing studio would do better near a college than a senior estate.

From here,  design a tagline for the business. It should clearly state your message to potential clients.

The business should be easy to locate and easily recognizable by the clients as “us”.  Make sure physical location matches your message. Ditto with the interior. Make sure every aspect of the facility repeats your theme and culture.

Are you casual or upscale, trendy or traditional?  Business cards, brochures, amenities, website, logo, and every aspect of advertising must all reflect your theme.

McDonald's does this in spades as do most national fast-food chains.  Learn from them and use the same techniques adjusting them for your business.

Whatever your business type, the same guides apply. Consistent messages reinforce the message to the clients so we can grow our business.

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