blog blundering and not enhancing your website?

Is Your Blog Blundering?

Sad business woman needs help with blog
Is your blog working for you?
When did you last update your blog? Last week? Last month? Last quarter?... Maybe last year???
If your blog isn't getting a fresh post at least's not helping you. You won't be getting a return on the time you are spending on it. And...your customers aren't getting a very good user experience.
They notice those published dates...and wonder.
Why do you need a blog anyway? Because it's a way to build trust with your prospective customers. It's also a great way to keep existing customers interested and engaged.
But you can't dump words out there. Content needs to be helpful, informational and address the interests/concerns of your readers.
If you're selling direct to consumers, B2C, you need to focus on the benefits of the item. What's in it for them? Why should they buy it? How will it help them? Many times I see blogs that focus on the features of the product or service rather than the benefits.
Features are nice to back up the benefits. But buyers first push the buy button because of how it will be beneficial. That it has good features reinforces the buying decision but it doesn't trigger it.
A blog with only old entries may make the prospect wonder why? Are you still in business? Ditto for an events page with no entries. It's better to hide those pages until you can invest the time to make them interesting.

Blogs are multi-useful.

You can cross-link your blog to social media for wider exposure. For B2C use Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram. Your individual demographics will guide what works best.
If you are a B2B, business to business seller, you may have found LinkedIn a great way to spread information. Take that web blog and convert it into a LinkedIn article.
Take your blog content and use it as a monthly e-newsletter article to your list. Informational, informative, engaging... and tag it into an offer or monthly special.
It can be helpful and speed up your blog writing process to create a calendar with seasonal themes. Or focus on trending products or offers that may vary through the year. Use them to educate clients to new products, packaging or classes.
Want the benefits of a hard working blog but don't have the time, staff or skillsets to write a good engaging one? Time to out-source. Find a skilled content writer who understands your industry segment and... "gets" your business. Their help can be worth its weight in gold.
Confused? Need help? I help get businesses...and blogs...back on track. Email me: [email protected].

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