Marketing Graphic to help you strategize

Marketing Graphics to Strategize

This useful article recently came across my desk.  The marketing graphic they developed is interesting. It's useful to analyze your marketing strategy.  Hope you find it so.

Internet Marketing Lead Generation 

Whether you’re building a house or a lead generation website, having a blueprint is essential. Without one, you run the risk of not having important pieces in the right place — or not having them at all.

Consider how many critical components go into the creation of a lead generation website. You simply can’t afford to have any missing in order for it to be effective.

That’s why we here at Internet marketing company Straight North have created the following infographic of lead generation. Use this flowchart as a blueprint. It will help assure you have a lead generation website without leaving anything out.

StraightNorth Marketing Graphic

Brad Shorr is Director of Content Strategy at Straight North, an Internet marketing company specializing in search engine optimization and pay per click.

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