E-Newsletters Build Client Relationships


E-Newsletters Build Relationshipse-newsletters build relationships

E-newsletters can be highly successful ways to bond with clients. Poorly done, they are just another sales advertisement. People don't want to be sold too. If they sense a sales message they hit delete or worse, unsubscribe.

Engage your reader to keep them reading. Successful E-newsletters are the electronic equivalent of the brick and mortar "Welcome, come on in. How's your day going?"  Newsletters depend on helpful content.

E-newsletters nurture clients

Design content to build relationships with your clients or prospects. Share useful information your viewers will value in a quick read. This should dominate the e-newsletter.

Topics can be completely freestanding, or they can be themed.

Limit sales portions to less than 20% of the whole. But the close should always be your 1-2 sentence elevator statement. It should always include a call to do something.  Request more information, sign up now, order today for this special.  By the time they have read that far, the viewer won't mind seeing your pitch.

How often should an e-newsletter go out? At least once a month. Keep delivery predictable.

How long should it be?  No more than 500-600 words.  If its too long the viewer may "save it to read later." Later could be never.

A recent study showed as many as 65%  of e-newsletters are opened on mobile devices.  Test your format to see how it appears on smartphones and tablets.

E-newsletters success depends on good content delivered regularly. If this is something you want to try, then commit to at least 6 months for a good test.  The mail program you use will create an analytics report.  How many people opened it?  What percentage clicked on a link?  Were sales made? How many?

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