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Let your dreams grow wings in 2022!

Welcome to 2022 and the 61st issue of ENW Wax Divas, a monthly newsletter by me, Judi Culp Pearson, president and CEO of Estheticsnw.com. And I'm glad you're here. My New Year’s Resolution is to bring you even more useful information for your business and living your best life.  So let’s get to it…

Want More Success Growth and Delighted Clients in 2022?

newsletters boost client retention

One of the lessons I learned in my 30+ years of clinic work is that it’s much cheaper to keep good clients than constantly be looking for new ones. The fancy term for that is client retention.  It’s the opposite of churn - losing clients.
I always had lots of client referrals but found you still have to do paid marketing.  It can be Google ads, Facebook or Instagram posts and paid ads, etc.  You have to get your message out there.  But these can get expensive quickly. 
The average click rate for social media is 1.3%. Ouch. You need a better rate than that!
One of the most successful tools I discovered was newsletters. They started out print, and now are digital. You own your list and you can connect directly with your clients 1:1.
According to MailChimp, the average open rate is 21.33%.  We regularly hit 29%. That's a lot better than social media. 
For the beauty niche, a monthly newsletter works well.  It can be your way just to say hi and stay in touch.

Start by focusing on your ideal clients. What would they like from you? What are their concerns, interests, and needs?  Will your newsletter focus on a single service or topic? Or will you share information on several different things? 
If you’re swamped or writing marketing materials isn’t your strength, look for someone who specializes in writing newsletters.  If cost is a concern, some writers, like me, offer a group newsletter, like one focused on salons. You get a beauty clinic newsletter written by someone who really understands your business.
All you do is personalize it with your salon information, then copy/paste it into your email service provider’s system.  Easy and inexpensive.
Most writers also have package options where your newsletter can be customized. This may include more personalized elements, graphics, or handling the layout for you.
Your clients love insider savings.  So be sure to include any specials you’re offering. But keep at least 80-90% of your content helpful and informational. Warm and friendly like a chat over coffee. 
If you’ve not used a newsletter, I encourage you to give it a try this year!  You may well find it will help your dreams take wings.  Confused, stuck, or need help?  Book a quick free call and let’s chat.
You can also read the article on our Blog.

In the News
 When I saw this unique offer with the Day Spa Association I wanted to share it. The Day Spa Association offers free membership to anyone in the wellness industry. You can sign up on the link below.
One of their member benefits is the ability to offer Care Credit™ Making Care Possible…Today. 
It’s a credit card specifically for clients to use for a more expensive service, or for more frequent services.  You can get the details here.
A sweet deal that’s zero calories and LOTS of Savings!
I’m betting that you, like me, noticed lots of rising prices. Everything seems to be going up.  Well, here’s some good news  -  EstheticsNW is holding the line for our waxing strip prices.  They are currently still at the 2019 level! 
That means lots of savings for you.  How much?  Check our Comparison Chart below:

Single packs, bulk orders, and rolls are all offered at great savings for you.  Since everyone sells different sizes it’s really confusing to do comparisons. So we converted each brand into the same cost per factor. Your cost and savings are easy to see.
You can also find this article and the chart on our blog

Person of the month
This is where your success goes.  Each month I want to do a quick interview and feature one of our clients. I’d like it to be You! 
Your success could inspire someone else or help them solve a problem. When we share, we touch others’ lives.
I got this idea from a group of businesswomen I’m involved with called the Mentoress Collective. All women and all in business. We cheer each others wins, large and small. We support each other over the bumps in our lives. It has been amazing.  Want to join us? Call or message me and I’ll introduce you.
So what’s one success you had in 2021? Sure you had some. You’re here and reading this— You Survived 2020 and 2021!  Awesome!  Not everyone can say that. 
What was one takeaway from that survival process?  What did you learn? How did you grow? How did you manage clients amidst the challenges? 
Willing to share?  Give me a call, send me a message or find Esthetics NW on Facebook.  Let’s chat. 

Q&A - the question of the month
One question I hear the most often is “When will my order arrive?” 
We ship as quickly as possible.  Our website shipping guidelines state packages are shipped in 3-5 days. But almost always they go more quickly than that.  Sometimes our shipping manager will even squish in an order that just arrived in her inbox... if she’s not buried under packages. 
Priority Mail and UPS packages have to be delivered by Their cut-off time. So in order to meet that deadline, we have an internal cut-off so we can pack and get them there. (Yup, our team drives them to the post office or UPS depot to get the quickest shipping.) 
I’ve talked with some of the shippers and they are all struggling to keep up. Their teams are working incredibly long hours due to staff shortages, bad weather, and more online orders than ever before. 
Every shipper cautions that weather, fires, floods, etc. can cause delays. We’ve certainly been seeing a lot more of that this year.

We always use a tracking number so you can follow your goodies from the label creation right to your door. 
To minimize surprises, and reduce stress, consider setting calendar reminders and ordering early. 

Introducing Epillyss Sensor
Epillyss Sensor focuses on versatility and being gentle...
It's the first wax with a dual heating option.  You can warm in a microwave or your wax heater.  Or warm it in the microwave then put in your heater to maintain the temperature.
It's a yummy gel-textured, apricot-scented wax that goes on lukewarm...super low temperature, then removed with a strip. Gentle enough for the most sensitive skins. 
When tried in a blind test against a leading wax, the results surprised both the testers and those having the waxing done.  They unanimously declared it the most comfortable waxing experience ever! 
The plastic tub is easy to handle and designed not to conduct heat. The reusable plastic collar helps prevent accidental spills and quickly disinfects between clients.
It's also on special this month. Give it a try below.
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