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You need someone with a knowledge of the wellness industry to help you thrive. You need wellness marketing. Not just a writer, but a specialist and strategist. Someone who can improve your bottom line and increase your prospects. Someone who can help you convert those prospects into clients.

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Why me?  I've been writing for the spa wellness industry for over 30 years. You can see the list on the Clients and Experience page. It's extensive and diverse. I've run my own business, taught, lectured and of course, written. Marketing content, educational materials, technical books.

I've worn the hats and done the jobs...

Wellness marketing specialist
Judith Culp Pearson
I use those skills to help you with wellness marketing... copywriting to bring clients in.

First I need to get to know about you.

Blogging, newsletters, emails are all effective ways to connect with people. Persuasive words to give you the edge and keep you in front of potential clients... and keep them returning.

Copywriting skills promote your wellness marketing

To hone my content marketing skills I am AWAI-Trained and Verified Direct Response Copywriter, the gold standard in copywriting training. It's paid off.  My own distributor business keeps growing 20% gross per year with tweaks to our marketing.

All training focused to help you with all your web and marketing projects. Specializing in engaging or informing readers via emails, in print, and on the web.

wellness marketing for a healing haven
Cedar Falls Health Farm
Wellness for profitability

Spas are an integral and profitable division for hotel properties. Nationally, the most profitable spas are tied to a hotel.  Hotels offering spas and other activities are wellness properties. They are poised to succeed with the right marketing.

As a wellness copywriter, I am positioned to help them be on the cutting edge and attracting clients directly to their website. Client-oriented offerings enhance RDA.  Offering them directly allows pinpointing trackability.

Easy and REliable

But in addition, you need someone who is easy to work with and reliable.  I can offer you both... comfortable to work with and never missed a deadline. Your business success is important to me. Your success is mine.

To learn more about my services please explore.

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Call me today to explore opportunities  - Healthy wellness copy is your edge.   1-541-344-7789 in the US; or Skype - 1-541-255-2167.  Or click the Contact page to send me an email.

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Judith Culp Pearson receives three top honors
at the annual Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals in
Ft. Worth, Texas - October 7-9, 2023

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For Your Continued
Service & Dedication

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In Recognition and Appreciation for Contributions to the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals Member Education October 2023

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