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Take control of time hire a team
Manage time or it manages you.

As beauty professionals, we love our work. We are so lucky to be able to go to work every day and do the things we love. But your work-life balance tends to get messed up. You need to take control of your life and find a team at some point.

I remember deciding I needed a website, and then the nightmare (almost as bad as the one from Elm Street) began. I was lucky to have a son who knew how to build websites. He also already knew the beauty industry.

Whoops, I had to write those words. I never considered where the page content would come from. It was a lot of work, stress, trials, and redoing. It's still not perfect and likely will always need something done.

Dealing with the website myself was like taking on a second, very demanding job. So from the pain of experience, here are some thoughts so you can have better balance in your life and time for a bit of fun.

Time to take control of your life and schedule.

Every successful career requires care, feeding, and hard work, but it shouldn't have so much stress you or your body burns out long before your career should be over.

I was reminded of this recently.

A colleague in her 50s had multiple strokes. Talk about life-changing.

We need to be able to clone ourselves to get it all done. But, since that won't be happening anytime soon, the next best bet is to get yourself a team. I know we are all on budgets, but some things are just worth it.

Add clinic help to your team.

Do you have someone who helps you with the phones and business emails? I know several businesses can't afford a full-time employee. So they barter with a college student who loves services but can't afford them.

While waiting for the phone to ring, maybe they could be tweeting for you or posting pictures of your fabulous work on Instagram or Pinterest. 

Make her your official spontaneous photographer, and let her spread the word. Young people love posting, so let her do it and help build your business. Write her a positive referral she can use in the future.

There is nothing like the picture of a happy client to attract more! Include you in the picture, too; the viewer connects with you and will want you to take care of her.

Add web help

Want a webpage? You may need a professional who understands all those URL codes and the ins and outs of website development. The best way to find one is to search for other businesses like yours.

Find businesses whose websites you like. Scroll to the bottom of the main page, and there may be a link to the webmaster. Bingo, you have a link to a person whose work you already like. Knowing what you want will help them get you up and running faster.

Over a cup of coffee, make a list of words you would use if you were searching for someone like you on Google. Be sure to give the webmaster that list. Those "keywords" will be how your clients find you. Next, make a list of all the different types of services offered at your salon, spa, or clinic. Those will all become web pages or a service menu.

Your homepage should be a "snapshot" of your business. You also need a "meet us" page that showcases your staff, with pictures, salon hours, and location with a map/directions link.

An appointment policy page is good because it helps set client expectations. If you don't have them on another page, consider adding your service menu and price list pages.

You can also add a blog or lots of other options; it just depends on where you want to go.

Add a freelance writer to your team

Now you need words for the page. Again, you don't have to do it yourself. Find a freelance writer.

These trained professionals love what you hate; they like to write. You don't want just any writer.  Look for someone with experience in your industry.

They can do all sorts of marketing work for you, brochure content, web pages, e-newsletters, and the list goes on. They will brag about you and make you look great. Writing about yourself is something most people find somewhat awkward.

You can hire them to write web content or develop a relationship where they will support your business and help it grow with various marketing writing.

They can even do your Facebook business page for you.

Don't think you can afford a team? What's your stress level? Do you like to create web pages or write copy?

When you think of the hours it will take, how much income might you be missing by writing yourself instead of playing to your strengths and focusing on your clients? But, on the other hand, sometimes it's just worth it.

So take control of your life and gather your team.

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