Email sequence for new launch

Email 1

This is an email sequence for a new offer launch. This sequence is an example only and is the property of my client.

EBLAST DATE: 2-3 days before launch
EBLAST AUDIENCE: Client & In-house list– brick and mortar clients
OBJECTIVE: Build the value of education
SUBJECT LINE: The Secret to becoming your client’s beauty confidant
PREVIEW LINE: Education is the proven path to business success
HEADLINE Hair loss can make clients feel insecure, overwhelmed, and isolated—you can help them
INTRO VERBIAGE: Clients who need alternative hair may feel a multitude of emotions. They’re nervous and concerned about doing the wrong thing.  Knowledge empowers them, and so can your expertise.    Our experience has taught us the more we share knowledge with you, the faster your business will grow.    
MAIN CONTENT ONE: We’ll share best practices on how to guide your clients successfully through this unique journey. Help them identify their needs and the best solution. Help them find a fabulous fit, the perfect fiber, explore color choices. Then, provide exactly the right home care. Help restore confidence and self-image through a great buyers’ experience.   We’re your partners to help you become their go-to resource and problem solver.   We provide comprehensive marketing, merchandising, client support, and product knowledge to cover all your needs.    
MAIN CONTENT TWO: And getting that information has never been so easy. Just a few clicks give you the online resource to JON RENAU EDUCATION ON DEMAND.  Classes transcend distance and time zones. No travel expenses, no lost time, no waiting for what you need— at your fingertips for quick reference.    
MAIN CONTENT THREE: Discover how to be their coach, advocate—and champion. Engage them with product knowledge and help them find the best outcome.    Just visit or click on Education.   See you on the inside!   [signature]    

Email 2

EBLAST DATE: 1 week after launch
EBLAST AUDIENCE: Client + in-house list
OBJECTIVE: EOD is Live  join us on the inside
SUBJECT Line: Jon Renau Education On Demand is LIVE!
PREVIEW LINE: Easy, convenient, quality information and support
HEADLINE Education couldn’t get any easier than at your fingertips
INTRO VERBIAGE: Hi [fname], JON RENAU is proud to welcome our retail partners to Education On Demand.   Now you can access our gold-standard education any time you need it.  Quality education built from our 40+ years of experience. We never stop learning and innovating to offer you the best partner support. Now world class expertise is at your fingertips.      
MAIN CONTENT ONE:   You get the same high-quality education from our alternative hair experts that we offer live. Discover the best practices to rapidly build your business. We’ll share tips to help you become clients go-to expert in alternative hair.   We explore understanding what’s going on in your client’s mind and how to engage them. Then employing proven techniques to assure their journey to buying is a confidence-building, positive experience.  They’ll become a loyal fan and clients.    Instead of a one-time sale, you’ll be their resource for home care products, accessories, and future purchases of alternative hair.   We’ll show you how to save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars a year with client retention techniques.        
MAIN CONTENT TWO: Product knowledge is the foundation that increases sales.  It enables you to suggest the best products for the client and help them see themselves enjoying their fabulous new look. You’ll help them decide on the type of alternative hair, fiber, style, and explore color.  Plus they’ll understand exactly how to take care of it. And, under your guidance, have the correct products to use.   You can also explore the JON RENAU Certification Programs. These Mastery Programs develop advanced skillsets and recognize your successful completion. For licensed professionals and retail partners, these segments go in-depth to boost you to the next level.   Consider Certification in Client Mastery Techniques, Toppers, Women’s Long Hair Bonding, or Men’s Hair Replacement. Each Certification class features hands-on work and the latest techniques.      
MAIN CONTENT THREE: JON RENAU EDUCATION ON DEMAND is Customizable! With the help of your personal Account Manager, we’ll guide you to a program exactly right for your business model and needs.   Join us on this incredible journey. We’ll empower you to help your clients to look and feel their best.       Click on Education Now and we’ll help you get started.       [insert signature]      

Email 3

EBLAST DATE: End of June
EBLAST AUDIENCE: Clients + in-house
OBJECTIVE: Share a look inside the education
SUBJECT Line: Your personal invitation to explore Education On Demand
PREVIEW LINE: A private tour for our valued partners
HEADLINE Here’s an insider’s peek of the brand new, education portal.  
INTRO VERBIAGE:   As our retail partner we want to invite you for an exclusive private tour of our latest innovation. Inside you’ll see how easy and convenient our JON RENAU EDUCATION ON DEMAND program really is.    
MAIN CONTENT ONE: We’ll explore how the platform looks, how it works, and talk about the courses offered.  State of the art, gold-standard business and product education updated to match the changing consumer needs.   In today’s world it is six times more expensive to replace a customer than to keep one.  We’ll show you how to improve profits, grow your business, retain clients, and build relationships for more sales and success.    
MAIN CONTENT TWO: Just click this PRIVATE TOUR button and it will take you right to the web portal.                   
MAIN CONTENT THREE:     We look forward to seeing you on the inside!   [signature]    

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