November 28, 2017
Integrating Wellness into Spas and Hospitality

Integrating Wellness into Spa and Hospitality   All around us wellness is having an impact...offices, homes, spas and hospitality properties.  Integrating wellness is the new norm. People don’t want to be just disease free. They want to feel better and enjoy life more. Think about physical, mental and social well-being... Quality of life. The days of […]

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April 17, 2017
Enhance Profits with Wellness Travelers

Enhance Profits with Wellness Travelers Wellness travel is experiencing steady growth. It's growing at a faster rate than travel as a whole. Wellness travelers are a boon to the spa and hospitality industry. They travel more frequently and spend more than the average traveler spends... by as much as 130%. They don’t hesitate to pay […]

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