March 10, 2020
Easy, Useful, & Friendly = Happier Customers

How easy, useful, & friendly is your website? Your article? Your social media post? Each one of these is a touchpoint with customers and prospects.  If you tweak for these three components you’ll grow faster and keep customers coming back. I recently had a client who requested additional content for their website.  So I could […]

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March 3, 2020
Appreciate Customers to keep them

Five Ways to Appreciate Customers With so many companies selling similar CBD products, the way you treat customers may be the reason they chose and stay with you.  When you acknowledge, reward and appreciate customers at every opportunity, you build a relationship that keeps them returning. How do businesses leave you feeling? A colleague and […]

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January 28, 2020
Planning CBD Marketing? 3 Techniques for $$$

While marketing CBD is fraught with restrictions, there are some methods to get the word out there effectively.  Success requires careful planning for your CBD marketing. Following these three proven techniques will get you on the path. Before I share these techniques, I want to share a quick story about someone I know. The man […]

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